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Hotels around Malioboro Yogyakarta

Visiting Yogyakarta seemed less complete if you haven't visited the shopping heaven in there. Where else if not Malioboro, here you can find a wide variety of knick knacks jogjakarta to reminiscences of people nearby. The price is also not expensive lho? Well for those of you coming from out of town, ya want to experience a variety of attractions in Yogyakarta, felt not enough tour just one day only? Quiet, in Yogyakarta there are many hotels close to Malioboro, you can dwell to spend time sightseeing in Yogyakarta.

Well hotels around Malioboro can become Your lodging choice. Want a bargain? Expensive? Quality? Important sesuiakan with the budget you have. Here there are some hotels that you can select:

Hotels near Colonial cheap

Lodging or hotel Malioboro ranged around 100 k you can already enjoy a hefty comfortable lodging. Here are a few hotels that have prices.

Hotels Kunthi

Located on JL.Dagen 81 phone number (0274) 580-612 are 400 m from Malioboro. The Hotel offers 19 rooms, souvenir shops, a prayer hall, and parking for 3-4 cars and several motorcycles. The Hotel is close to Malioboro, and bakpia Pathuk Center. The following rate this: Kunthi

Facilities (fan, bathroom outside) costing USD $ 100,000.00
Facilities (fan, private bathroom) for Rp 120,000.00
Facilities (fan, TV, private bathroom) costs Rp 140,000 fare
Facilities (air conditioning, TV, private bathroom, breakfast) for Rp 180,000 fare
Facilities (air conditioning, TV, private bathroom, breakfast) costs Rp 200,000

This price includes morning tea but not yet exposed to the 10% tax.

 Karunia Hotel & Restaurant close to Malioboro
Local district near Tugu railway station, a gift shop, and bakpia Pathuk Malioboro. There are 23 rooms, restaurants, a prayer hall, parking for 3 cars and several motorcycles. Here's the price the charge:

Facilities (fan, bathroom outside) for Rp 110,000 fare
Facilities (fan, private bathroom) costs Rp 140,000 fare
Facilities (AIR CONDITIONING, private bathroom) for Rp 200,000 fare
Extra bed Idr 60,000.00/person

The rate includes breakfast in the morning.

Hotel Pantes

Was behind the Pearl hotel is close to Malioboro. It has 19 rooms comfortable and clean. There is a small mosque and also the parking lot for 10 motorbikes. Price of accommodation:

Facilities (fan, 1 bed, bathroom outside) for Rp 65,000 entrance
Facilities (fan, 2 bed, bathroom outside) for $ 75,000.00
Facilities (fan, 2 beds, private bathroom) for $ 90,000.00

Hotel Happy/Harum II near Malioboro

Located on JL. Sosrokusuman DN 1/114 (0274) 565670. This lodging rates:

Facilities (fan, 2 bed, bathroom outside) costing USD $ 70,000.00
Facilities (fan, 2 beds, private bathroom) for Rp 80,000.00
Facilities (fan, 3 beds, private bathroom) for $ 90,000.00
Facilities (fan, 6 bed, private bathroom) for Rp 125,000 fare

3 stars Hotel close to Malioboro

There is a hotel close to Malioboro, the 3-star are:

Hotel Abadi Jogja

Flower Market Road, Yogyakarta. You can access a five-minute walk from Malioboro, 10 minutes from Tugu railway station. You can access the Beringharjo market or the Sultan's Palace for a 10-minute drive away. Jalan Pathuk, Fort Vredeburg Jogja Gallery, and the Park is accessible within 5 minutes drive. You can get the theater Grounds Culture walk for 5 minutes. Hotel facilities include AIR CONDITIONING, a TV lounge, café, restaurant, room service, laoundry, and internet access.

That's some recommendation hotels close to Malioboro, for those of you who want to save money on holiday around jalan Malioboro, Yogyakarta. If the budget isn't so considerations, there are still very many star hotels close to Malioboro.

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