Thursday, March 1, 2012

Best Places to Travel in Bandung West Java

Lots List of tourist attractions in Bandung menajadi attractive tourist destination to visit, from the many popular tourist attractions in London and surrounding areas, our blog opted Info Touristic 5 as an option.

And here are 5 in Bandung Tourism Info Places of Interest Tourism: 

Kawah Putih
White crater located on site Patuha mountain, a mountain in west java. the height of the mountain is about 2 386 mtr .. Patuha crater of this mountain so that was interesting sights and beautiful and has a white crater name. These craters can provide some visitors do not experience the same. visitors can be as central in the soil due to snow white and looks like a carpet of snow. crater area with green water can be fetched as a little bluish in the middle of the beach. trees at this location has some great live and dried stems can create a situation that is not the same. at this location are also large rocks beautiful.

Curug Dago

Dago waterfall located at an altitude of approximately 800 mtr. above sea level. 30 mtr altitude increasingly more .. Here visitors can not only enjoy the natural scenery and beauty at much less waterfall, tourists can also traces of the former kingdom of thailand. not far from the location of the waterfall there are two inscriptions are laden with historical heritage value th. 1818 m. 

Trans Studio Bandung

Something playgrounds that are in the room and is managed by the world's largest trans corp. no less interesting with trans studio makassar already built before the time of trans studio bandung and has now succeeded, as well as to follow the success of the studio makassar trans trans corp then build again something tourist rides in a room located in the city of Bandung, West Java, the island Java, Indonesia. trans studio bandung is very magnificent sights and is very fit for you and your family as well as relatives who pingin vacation to Bandung.

 De'Ranch Lembang

If you pingin cowboy style, deranch the fitting area. deranch contained in Maribaya jl no 17, dent. This area is quite popular and easily accessible. There are many types of outbound in this area. you can also wear cowboy clothes and riding a horse that is in deranch. while riding a horse, you can instructing dent cool weather and fresh. besides that, there are many types of outbound like a flying fox, ATV, boat fun and many other activities. Do not forget to enjoy pizza and sausage typical deranch, nyamm. 

Kampung Gajah Wonderland

Elephant village playground is something contained in Cihideung. This place not only has many tourist attractions like horse riding, ATV touring, fun bike, outbound activities, riding, buggy and sky rider. This area is also equipped with a shopping area are also culinary. The elephant village gave a beautiful mountain situation and cool.  

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